Brand Story

In 1992, the brand LANRID was born in Cologne, Germany. As the founder of high-end slitting knives, it continued to innovate and develop. In 2012, it took root in Qingdao, China, and established research and development and production plants. Now it belongs to LROND Holding Group.
In the professional field of high-end slitting cutters and precision cutters, LANRID has made great efforts to design and develop, optimize the production line structure, and bring high-end: brand products, professional technology and industrial solutions to every LANRID customer through the global sales network of LROND Group, customer big data system, and efficient customer services.


    LROND is an international enterprise committed to precision industrial manufacturing, R & D and production of industrial automation system equipment, and providing global customers with [high-end technology] and [precision and Knives & Mechanical] products.


    Lrond established a group holding company in Hong Kong, China; In 2012, international cooperation established Qingdao tool and mold R & D and production plant; In 2018, the government invited investment to establish Nanjing industrial automation industry and a joint venture technology research and production base; In 2020, the wholly-owned subsidiary in Shenzhen will be put into operation.


    Since 1998, LROND has continuously increased investment in talents and technology, innovated R & D products, and distributed industrial manufacturing. The goal is to create value for customers, enterprises and society.